The Hostfully Central Calendar is the heart of the reservation system - it will not only become the source of truth for all booking information but will also be dynamically synchronizing your reservations to all calendars across your distribution network.

Therefore it is essential to get the calendar properly set up and loaded before making your properties available for rental across booking sites. Here's the multi-step process to get everything started (you can skip any particular step if you don't want to use one of those channels):

Step 1: import your listings and bookings from Airbnb

During the sign up flow, if you select to import your existing data from Airbnb, the system will first create property profiles for each of your listings, and then load up the calendar with all your past and future Airbnb bookings.

Note that the Airbnb-based setup process will also automatically synchronize your calendar with Airbnb. Once loaded after set up, your calendar will start showing the Airbnb bookings:

Step 2: import your bookings from HomeAway - VRBO

In order to get started with HomeAway, you'll need to first get iCal URLs from HomeAway in order to import your HomeAway bookings to Hostfully, using our Calendar Import tool (that is, if you already have a HomeAway account with existing and future bookings). Make sure to use the option "Keep calendar automatically synchronized":

You will start seeing your HomeAway bookings on your calendar (dark blue color). 

Repeat the same process for VRBO or any site of the HomeAway family (VRBO bookings will show in dark green).

Once you're ready to turn on the HomeAway channel from the Channels page, we'll automatically turn off the iCal sync and switch to direct synchronization through the HomeAway API. 

Note: There will be a gap in time between when the iCal sync is turned off and when HomeAway will officially publish your listings. During that time period, you'll need to add any HomeAway booking manually on the Hostfully calendar. Once the listings are officially on, everything will sync automatically.

Step 3: import your bookings from

Step 4: import your bookings from TripAdvisor or other channels

Setting up TripAdvisor is very similar to HomeAway:

  • Get your iCal files for each property
  • Import them using the Calendar Import Tool (use the "TripAdvisor" option) 
  • import the listings and select Keep Calendars Synchronized
  • turn on the channel

TripAdvisor's bookings will show as light green on the calendar. HomeToGo as dark red, and Hostfully's as orange.

Adding blocked dates to your calendar

If you ever need to block dates on your calendar, see the how-to illustration below:

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