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About Hostfully's Property Management Platform (PMP)
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About Hostfully's Property Management Platform (PMP)

What is Hostfully's PMP?

Hostfully is a web platform designed by technology and vacation rental experts to simplify and automate business processes for vacation rental and property management companies. Hostfully lets you manage your team and resources the best way possible at a fraction of the cost of more complex (and less usable...) software currently available on the market.
Based on a simple but highly efficient design, driven by a sophisticated automation engine, Hostfully will allow your agency to maximize lead-to-booking conversion rates in an elegant and painless manner.

Who should use Hostfully?

Designed for vacation rental agencies, property managers, small hotels and BnB's, Hostfully's main purpose is to take away the pain out of the reservation process while increasing occupancy significantly. All agents in a sales team can collaborate seamlessly throughout the booking process, assigning incoming leads, tracking individual performance, and following conversion ratios throughout the life-cycle of a vacation rental inquiry.

Getting Started

Do I need specific software or apps to get started?

No. Hostfully, being a web-based app, does not require that you install anything on your computer. All you need is a modern web browser.

Do I need to sign anything to get started?

No, there is no need to talk to a salesperson, no contract to sign.

How can I get a demo?

We offer live and on-demand demonstrations online. 


How long does it take to get started?

A few minutes (typically less than 3 min)

What is the length of my contract?

With Hostfully you are never subject to a long-term contract. Everything is pay-as-you-go. You may cancel at any time and we'll stop billing you at the end of that month.

Cost and Fees

How much does Hostfully cost?

The Agency version for multi-user / multi properties is available for a monthly or annual subscription fee depending on the number of properties (see pricing plan). 

What do the monthly and annual plans cover?

The plans all include Hostfully's standard property management features: the reservation system, lead generating smart widget, API for direct connection to your existing website, integrated payment system, the channel manager, calendar synchronization, email notifications, analytics, hosting, security, maintenance, free ongoing updates, and customer support. Please see our pricing plans for details.
Note that when you activate third-party services on Hostfully's PMP, extra fees on those services may apply.

How do I pay monthly fees?

We debit your account at the end of each month using one of our accepted payment methods through our secure payment platform (Braintree powered).

How do I pay annual fees?

We debit your account at sign-up - your balance is paid for 12 months and automatically renewed when the 12 months expire. Note annual plans are a 20% saving over monthly plans.

What happens if I want to add more properties online?

You can upgrade your account instantly using the built-in management system. You can also downgrade your account at any time if you go below the floor of your existing plan.

International Businesses

Does Hostfully work for non-US businesses?

Yes. Hostfully works globally. We provide multi-currency and multi-lingual support. We accept guest payments from anywhere in the world. For payment processing, we support business banking in 49 different countries. Our interface is in English. We also support Spanish/Dutch/Italian for property information.


Which channels do you support?

and other integrated channels (reference)

Security and Privacy

Is my data secure?

Yes. We are committed to ensure data security for all users.
We understand how important security is, and how crucial is the integrity of your reservation information.
To that end, all communication with Hostfully's platform is encrypted, our data is safely backed-up and our payment platform is delegated to world-class PCI-compliant payment providers.

What about my privacy?

We will never sell, rent or trade your personal information to others without your prior consent.

Are there ads in Hostfully?

We do not serve ads on Hostfully's platform nor our widget calendar.

Features and Integrations

What is a Widget (and how does it works)?

A widget is a small application with limited functionality that can be installed and executed within a web page. Hostfully offers different kinds of widgets, from basic Property Availability Display to customizable Lead Capture forms.

Can I synchronize my Hostfully calendars with other calendars?

Yes, you can export your Hostfully calendar into your personal calendaring tools, provided that they use the iCal format (Apple calendar, Google Cal, Outlook). You can also use this tool to update automatically Flipkey™ / TripAdvisor™, VRBO™,™ or AirBnB™ calendars, or any other listing sites, for that matter.
Hostfully provides two-way calendar synchronization, meaning that any bookings on third party sites can also be reflected on your Hostfully calendar (in near real-time), and bookings entered via Hostfully will be reflected on all the other listing sites.

Does Hostfully have an API?

Yes, we have an open api and Developer Center available at Please send us a note to and tell us what you want to build with our API.

Is it possible to batch-import many properties at a time?

Our API makes it easy to add properties in a batch. If you have hundreds of properties, we can help you batch-import your entire portfolio of listings. We also provide import tools in the system that you can use to import your properties from some of the most common listing sites.

Will I need a separate accounting program?

No. Hostfully is not an accounting system but provides financial reports, earning statements and more. It can also integrate with best-of-breed accounting systems such as Quickbooks Online.

Is it possible to batch-import all my existing bookings?

Yes. You can import your bookings either through our calendar import tool or through our API. Please contact us to get access to the API at

Do you have an Owner Portal in which I can generate reports on how much the owner makes? Is there a calendar for them to see when I have booking and which allows them to also block dates?

Yes. We provide a full-featured owner portal, which you can brand with your company's assets. It allows owners to block dates and get their financial reports.

Can Hostfully synchronize with Airbnb, Vrbo, ? Are you able to push all datas through those OTA ? Able to push availability and rates as well? Are you connected to their API?

Yes. We have direct API connections to the "big 4" and more (Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Booking, and Vrbo). Hostfully synchronizes with property data, photos, rates, availability and booking rules.

Can I set up automatic communication with the guest such as a check-in email 2 days before arrival? How about airbnb's automatic messaging?

Yes. We provide a full messaging automation system that can connect to any channel. Hostfully also comes with templates for different communication process (to guests, owners, service providers etc), and features a sophisticated event triggering system to program all messages based on specific set of conditions.

Do you have a cleaning crew portal? Do you have an integrated option for us to notify our cleaning crew when a new booking comes in? Like a SMS or email?

Yes. Hostfully provides a full management system for service providers (beyond cleaning with a job management system) which allows you to communicate with crews via email or SMS.

Can I use your system to notify the owner when he/she gets a new booking via email or SMS?

Yes. Owners can be notified of any new bookings automatically by email or SMS.

Do you have a guest portal where guests can access all the info regarding their upcoming trip?

Yes. We do have a guest portal and through our merger with Hostfully, For information, please visit

What payment platform do you integrated with? 

We integrated with Stripe, VacationRentPayment (from YapStone), and PayPal.

Do you have a templates and a system to send quotes to potential guests?

Yes. Our lead management system (called Pipeline) is the most advanced in the industry. It comes pre-loaded with many templates to automate or semi-automate the sending of quotes, and connects with our booking engine.

Is there a CRM integrated in your software or one that you work with?

We provide a CRM but our open APIs allow connectivity to any CRM.

Are you integrated with any email automation?
We also provide integration with marketing automation tools such as Mailchimp.

Are you integrated with any software for 360 degrees photos in the listing of the properties?

Yes. We integrated with the Matterport & TruPlace 3D walkthrough tours.

Can we use BeyondPricing or Wheelhouse with our Airbnb listings even if we are in red zone?

You may need to connect with your Airbnb market manager to try to get your listings white-listed.


How can I share my calendar?

It is really simple.

Go to the Publishing Tools' menu, select the specific property and just select the calendar link from the "Share my property's Calendar" section.

You can just send that associated link to people. You can also use that link on your website (note that this calendar will not editable by others).

How do I export or backup my data?

Hostfully is an open platform powered by a simple API which allows you, at any moment, to freely export your data either for back-up reasons, or to interface it in another business application.

How can I add other Airbnb Accounts?
You can refer to this article on Connecting to multiple airbnb accounts for more instructions.

How can I turn off certain properties which I imported?
You can set them as non-active (located at the bottom right of the property Main Settings page).

Do you have some videos tutorials?

We have a lot of how-to videos on our Youtube channel at


Do you have a working API?
Our API is always under development. If you need help with implementing the API for your system, please contact our professional services contact us and we'll help you with your project.

Other services

What if Hostfully doesn't have a feature I need?

We listen to our customers so if you feel there is functionality that should be in the app, tell us, and we'll consider implementing it. To that end we have implemented a simple collaborative tool to let you tell us what you would want us to develop, you can access it here

Tech support

Does Hostfully provide tech support?

Yes, we are available via chat through out the week for your question, inquiries and suggestions! Please contact us at or via pop-up chat on the page's bottom and feel free to file issues or send suggestions.

Cancellation Policy

What is Hostfully's cancellation policy?

We’re bummed when customers want to cancel. But it happens. Here’s our policy:

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