1. Add direct custom fees to quotes:

In "Lead details" tab, on the right side of the board
=> you can find "Add line item"
=> custom your fee => save
Or "remove" if you want to delete.

2. Set up default custom fee:

Choose the property that you want to add => click on "Fees and Policies" tab

Fill in:
. Name of the fee
. Value
. Amount type ( % or $)
If this is an optional fee => make sure you click on the box "is Optional"

=> Add

Now going back to any "lead detail", you can see the custom fees are added and you can simply tick on the box.

3. Adding custom fees is a very useful way for you to up-sell your service.

This apply to Hostfully Direct Booking Site

For example, you want to sell "pick up service" and there is no way to edit on the booking site where you can only make the room reservation.

Now back to PMP pipeline for this reservation, hit "Edit" => add "pick up service" and new line item => Save

Finally, get back to the lead, check the "Send the quotes" line, the "pick up service" is already added to the final amount => now you can send the final order to your guest.

Thank you!

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