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There are 2 ways to set up Owner Account:

Option 1:

1. Select property => choose "Owner" tab

Note: The owner/agency split / commission is per owner. If an owner has multiple properties, the commission rate is applied to all properties listed by that owner.

2. Fill in all information required, customize your set up (commission...)
Note: The option to decide Agency or Owner will collect and remit tax(es) will affect the Due Agency and Due Owner amounts in financial report accordingly.

3. Click on "Save Owner"

4. Click on "Invite Owner to Claim Owner Account"
=> Your Owner will receive an email with login information

Here is the Calendar on Owner Portal:

You can set permission for Owner to block the calendar or not.

The Owner is only allowed to see calendar (or block dates), owner is not allowed to manage the property and other functions.

Option 2:

1. Click on "Owner" tab on the dropdown
2. Click on " Add Owner" ( then do similar to option 1)

3. You are able to search information of an owner, remove their access or send owner an email:

4. To associate the owner with his/her property, click on Properties > select the property > Owner tab.

Here, you can input the correct email of the owner you've just added and the system will automatically populate all other information. Then "Save owner".

Please let us know if you have any questions via pop-up chat on the bottom right, or via email to

Thank you!

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