NOTE: Before starting the integration process with, please ask for your Legal Entity ID. This number is provided by them and is a requirement for the integration. Contact through the Extranet. 

  1. To get started, on your Extranet, head to Account > Channel Manager:

2. If you are already connected to a channel manager, de-activate it using the Deactivate button (you can re-activate later if need be). If not, skip to next step.

3. Click on the Start button to start selecting your channel manager.

4. Next, choose Hostfully in the list of Channel Management providers, and click Next

5. Next, validate Hostfully as the channel manager for a two-way connection by accepting the XML Service Agreement:

6. And then you will get to the screen Status of the connection request:

At this step in the process, you will have to wait for approval of your property.

7. Now let’s head to your Hostfully account, go to top-right menu, select Channels, then turn ON the channel, as shown below:

8. Enter your Legal Entity ID (see NOTE at the top of this article) and set your Cancelation Policy.

9. On the channel page, activate the properties you want to manage via Hostfully. If the property already exists on, enter the ID for that property. If the property does not yet exist on, click on Create new property on


Please see the following diagram on how Hostfully PMP enables reservation to be charged automatically through the Stripe payment processing system:


As per the above diagram, the way and Hostfully interact is that sends Hostfully's API some financial information in order for payments to be processed. If the guest has provided credit card information including CVC codes to, the payment should go through fine with the payment processor you selected on Hostfully. If they have not provided CVC codes, most likely the payment will fail.

What you need to do in order to increase the quality of inquiries you get from, is to contact's team and ask them that they set up your account to require CVC codes from guests. This will drastically increase the chances that processed payments will succeed.

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