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The quickest and easiest way to integrate is to create listings on and connect those listings to your properties in Hostfully.

It is possible to create listings by pushing property data from Hostfully, but takes longer, increases chance for errors and more manual work is required. Therefore, we highly recommend the following flow for easier onboarding:

If you are new to hosting on you will need to complete the following:

  1. Create a Legal Entity ID (LEID) and sign a contract with or sync an existing LEID and contract details

  2. Create a hosting account on

  3. Create listings on for your properties

  4. Request an XML connection with Hostfully for each listing from

  5. Prepare your properties for connection in Hostfully

  6. Request collects CVC information for all reservations

  7. Connect your Hostfully properties with your listings

  8. Make mock reservations to ensure accuracy of pricing and availability

  9. Keep an eye on those first few reservations!

  10. Bonus

    1. Location verification requirements

    2. Handling multiple reservations on a single order

    3. Activate mobile discounts (mobile rate) on

If you are an existing host, you do not need to complete steps 2 or 3, but you must successfully sync the LEID in step 1 to move to step 4.

Note: a payment processor is required to integrate with More information on our payment processing partners can be found here.

You may also want to consider Payments by and can find out more information here to see if it is available to you.

If you are listings unit/sub unit combinations, please see this help article.

Please note, you can only connect one account.

Here are brief video tutorials for step 1, 3, 4, 7

And we're off!

  1. Create a Legal Entity ID (LEID) and sign a contract with or sync an existing LEID and contract details

  2. Create a hosting account on

  3. Create listings on for your properties

    1. Set up taxes accurately when creating the listings on This information will not be overridden by Hostfully once the connection is established. Setting up taxes is not included in the wizard to create a new listing and you will need to do so after the wizard is finished. Please see this article for more information on how to do so.

      1. The standard taxes from the main settings of the property in Hostfully will not apply to when connecting to an existing listing. They are set on

      2. Send additional fees/taxes from Hostfully from the "Fees and Policies" tab as explained in Step 5.

  4. Request an XML connection with Hostfully for each listing.

  • To get started, head to the Extranet, Account > Connectivity provider

  • If you are already connected to a channel manager, de-activate it using the Deactivate button (you can re-activate later if need be). If not, skip to the next step.

  • Click on the Search button to search for Hostfully.

  • Choose Hostfully in the list of providers, and click Next

  • Next, validate Hostfully as the channel manager for a two-way connection by accepting the XML Service Agreement:

  • Ensure your settings are as shown below and click Save

You will have to wait for the approval of your connection request and will receive an email in your inbox once active. This usually happens within a few hours. If it doesn't, please reach out to Hostfully support for assistance. Sometimes they need a manual push.

*Note: Hostfully will only approve the connection for properties shown as Open and Bookable on (please see the article about available statuses on for reference).

If your properties are closed, please see this article for steps to open the listings on Extranet. Once opened, we can approve the connection request.

5. Prepare your properties for the connection

  • Set your cancellation policy on the channels page in Hostfully. Make sure to not choose a deprecated policy or it will not sync correctly. This setting is only at the agency level and not available at the property level.

    • Note: the split payments feature found on main settings (screen shot below) will not apply for The cancellation policy will determine the timing of payments. I.e. if the cancellation policy is "guest is charged the total price if they cancel", then 100% of the payment must be collected at time of booking for that to happen.

  • Set room names for your properties in the main settings section of the property. This field only appears in main settings once you toggle "ON" the integration in the channels page (done in Step 1). If you don't see a name that fits, change the "Property type" field for more options for the room name.

  • Set Primary and Secondary Check-in options: at the bottom of the main settings on the property page. This will increase your listing quality and help set better expectations for guests.

  • Add additional fees and taxes if needed. Remember from step 3, the main tax settings are controlled in and not from the main settings of the property in Hosfully. If you have other fees and taxes to add, you can do so from the Fees and Policies tab.

    • If you charge a pet fee, please read this article on how to collect it. It's not automatically done by

  • Security deposits are not automatically collected for reservations and you will need to collect it from the guest after the reservation is made. This is a requirement. Please see this article for more details.

  • Upload high res photos on the photos tab for each property. Having higher quality photos will increase your property performance score and lead to higher ranks in search results.

  • Tag your photos on the photos tab in Hostfully. This will increase your property performance score and lead to higher ranks in search results.

  • Adjust your templates and triggers to automate messaging for reservations. You'll need to edit your triggers to include the new channel!

6. Request collects CVC information for all reservations

Requiring CVC codes is very important in ensuring your payments succeed. If you don't require them, your payments are going fail a lot and you'll be chasing guests for payment or cancelling reservations. You'll need to make a request from the extranet to require CVC codes by sending the support team a message. This article tells you how to request this from It's simple and easy to do.

7. Connect your Hostfully properties with your listings

Is your property completely set up in Hostfully and ready to go? Pricing, availability, fees, content. If yes, you're ready to connect!

  • In Hostfully, on the channel page, toggle on the property you want to connect. Enter the ID (Hotel ID) for the listing you created in step 3 and click connect.

  • If prompted to choose a rate please, choose the "Standard" or "Hostfully" rate plan from the list of rate plans.

    • It's very important to follow this article to ensure all rate plans in are mapped to the standard or Hostfully rate. If you don't do this, you will receive double bookings.

  • Once connected to the listing and the rate plan, the toggle should be ON, the listing ID/Room ID will show, and the status should be Open/bookable. If it is not, click the synchronize button and check for an error message

  • Potential error messages and how to troubleshoot them

    • Main photo is not enabled(#733) / No proper main photo is set(#733) / Pending photo requests: hasn't finished processing the photos that were pushed. This can take up to 24 hours. Please wait a day and try again!

    • Please fill out the Profile Information here (first name / last name / email / phone number): All the Managers in Agency Settings need to have info filled out.

    • Restricted. Defined policy code is not available for this hotel: 36(#733): Check if the policy in Extranet > Rates & Availability > Rate Plans > Standard Rate (or "Mapped from Hostfully Platform" rate) matches that in Hostfully and it is not Deprecated (outdated).

    • No legal entity ID: please contact using the Extranet's internal messaging tool to obtain this ID and put it in Hostfully > Channels > (Manage this channel) > Legal entity.

    • Access denied while trying to update hotel: Hostfully needs to be set up as the channel manager in the Extranet for each property. See step 4 of this article.

  • Over the course of the next few hours, content, pricing, availability, fees, will start to sync from Hostfully and override most content in the listing you originally created. Some content you entered when creating the listing on will remain (taxes for example).

  • reservations with check-out dates in the future will be imported into the associating Hostfully property.

8. Make mock reservations to ensure accuracy of pricing and availability

  • It is your responsibility to set up pricing, minimum stay requirements, taxes and fees. It is also your responsibility to create and verify test bookings to make sure that these are reflected in your bookings orders.

    ALWAYS do a few test reservations after syncing a property to a channel. You don't have to complete the order and checkout, but you should go through the process all the way to the payment page to ensure availability, pricing, fees, taxes, etc. are correct.

9. Keep an eye on those first few reservations!

Once those bookings start coming in, see how they look in Hostfully! If you have any questions send us a chat 🙌

10a. Important! Handling multiple reservation on a single order

Unlike other channels, allows guests to book multiple reservations on a single transaction.

Hostfully does not yet support multiple transactions on a single order and we only receive the first reservation via API. Therefore you'll need to manage the other reservations on the order manually.

The good news is, this is rare and if this happens, we will send an email notification upon booking confirmation to the email set in PMP’s Agency Settings so you can manually block the other calendars. The email subject is: Hostfully - reservation with multiple rooms

If you don't manually block the calendar, you may receive double bookings.

Example of Events:

  • Booking confirmed: Hostfully will block the 1st room in the reservation automatically, the other bookable units will have to be added manually by PM.

  • Modifying reservation: Hostfully will update the 1st bookable unit, the other bookable units would need to be updated manually.

  • Cancellation: Hostfully will remove the 1st bookable unit along with the reservation, the other bookable units would need to be removed manually.

10b. Location Verification

Location verification is a requirement on These help articles talk about why it's needed, how it's handled and what to do if you aren't near your property.

10c. Activate mobile discounts (mobile rate) on

Capture the fastest-growing segment of bookers

Over half of all bookings on are made on mobile devices. By activating a mobile rate at your property, you can tap into this valuable and expanding traveler segment. All you have to do is offer an exclusive discount of 10% for mobile users. Once you do this, a special badge will appear next to your property in search results and on your property page. This helps increase your visibility and can improve your conversion rate for mobile bookers. More information from here.

You can opt in on a per property basis on your channel management page within Hostfully -

Check the box shown in above screenshot and make sure you hit the Synchronize link on the right side. You can try viewing via mobile device as a guest to verify the discount is in place.

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