By using the Email Settings, Hostfully will funnel all outgoing email messages through your mail server, and those messages will be stamped as coming from your business's email address instead of Hostfully's. This will also allow you to keep a record of all messages sent by the system on your behalf (they will show in your Sent inbox)


Navigate to Agency Settings > Email Settings tab


If you're using gmail or gmail for business, enter:

  • your email address
  • as the Mail Server Hostname
  • 587 as the Mail Server Port
  • re-enter your gmail address
  • enter your email password
  • click Save

Then click on the Test Email Settings button to check if your settings are correct.

If you're not using gmail, make sure you use the port 587 (SMTP Authentication port), and not port 25. SMTP Authentication is required for message submission and message proxying to email servers (see for more details on this topic)

Special Case 1:  Handling for Gmail Accounts

For regular Gmail accounts, Gmail will send you an email asking you to confirm that you allow Hostfully to funnel email messages through their email server (see message content below). Click on the link "Allowing access to less secured apps":  

Step by step instructions on how to navigate this section are available here:


Toggle ON the setting by simply clicking this button. "Less secure" means that they allow Hostfully to connect and not just their own Gmail client, but communication will still be securely encrypted between the Hostfully and Gmail server, using standard encryption protocols and user authentication. See more details here.

Once your Email Settings are confirmed, all emails send by Hostfully will now be send through your own email server. What that means is that the "FROM" field will be set to your email address when your customers receive emails from Hostfully, and all emails send on your behalf will be retrievable from your "Sent" email inbox.

Note: this setting is not compatible with Gmail's Two-Step Verification

If your Gmail account uses two-step verification, you can not use your Gmail account as an email proxy. If you see this on your security settings page, then this will prevent you from using the gmail account as proxy:

To access these settings on Google, please review this link:

Special Case 2:  Handling for Gmail for Business accounts

For Google for Business accounts, log in as an administrator on your Google for Business console and  head to Security > Advanced Security Settings, then select
Allow users to manage their access to less secure app.

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