By using the Email Settings, Hostfully will funnel all outgoing email messages through your mail server, and those messages will be stamped as coming from your business's email address instead of Hostfully's. This will also allow you to keep a record of all messages sent by the system on your behalf (they will show in your Sent inbox)

Disclaimer: the below settings may not work well with email providers like Office 365 or Hostinger.


In Hostfully, navigate to Agency Settings > Email Settings tab


There are 2 different settings:


If you're using gmail or gmail for business, choose Yes from above screenshot. And the Sign in with Google button will appear as below.

Hit on that button, and you will get to the next screen for signing to your Google account.

Once you choose the account to sign in, you will be prompted as below on what data Hostfully PMP can access. Here you need to check the box where Hostfully PMP can Send email on your behalf.

Make sure you hit Continue and that's it. It can take some seconds loading, and you will be redirected back to Hostfully PMP - Agency Settings - Email Settings tab. Now you can see the signed in gmail there.

You can click on the Test Email Settings button to check if your settings are correct. An email will be sent to your address to make sure it's correctly set up.


  • For the field Forward all emails from inbox to agency email, please refer to this help article on Inbox 2.0 for more details.

  • Make sure the Agency's email (under Agency's Settings) is matching with the one you use for Email Settings. Otherwise there will be an error upon testing.

  • Emails from Extended Data Report are sent from only, not custom email settings if any.


For everything else:

  • your email address

  • google search your mail server hostname to find it - for godaddy it is For example, we searched "mail server hostname for godaddy" and was a top result.

  • 587

  • re-enter your email address

  • enter the password for your email account

  • click Save

  • test your mail settings to ensure you receive a success message. If you don't please see ensure you are allowing less secure apps in your mail settings.

Note: SMTP Authentication is required for message submission and message proxying to email servers (see for more details on this topic)

Example of SMTP Authentication on Office 365. Office 365 (that also powers GoDaddy emails) works in most cases but sometimes can have a high-security configuration that is very technical to edit and allow Hostfully to send emails through it. You will find outbox emails defaulting to instead in such cases. Here are the instructions to configure it (help from an expert is recommended).

Please let us know if any question via or pop-up chat on the page's bottom.  

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