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Overview - Configuring Pricing

Dynamic Pricing not Syncing

With the Wheelhouse + Hostfully integration, property managers can now sync all of their demand-driven Wheelhouse rates automatically to their Hostfully calendar. From here, their prices will be synced to their booking widget as well as all their listing channels if they use Hostfully's channel management capabilities.


1. Log into Hostfully and go to the Integrations page. Turn on the Wheelhouse integration on agency-level.

2. Enable Wheelhouse on property-level for each Hostfully listing you'd like to connect.

3. Still on Hostfully platform, go to the bottom of the Agency Settings page and copy your Agency UID. (instructions)

4. Log into Wheelhouse and go to the Hostfully connection page and paste the Agency UID. Click the button below to connect your Hostfully listings to Wheelhouse.

You can then go to the Property's Pricing page for the property you just activated, and will see that the price table is now managed by Wheelhouse

Finally, you will then need to go into your Wheelhouse account and turn on pricing for any listings you want automated pricing for.



We don't often experience issues with this integration. However, in case there is, please reach out to for the fastest support.

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