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Overview - Configuring Pricing

Dynamic Pricing not Syncing

PriceLabs works everywhere on earth! Their machine-learning algorithms are ready to crunch data and build optimized pricing-models for your property. These models look into all possible sources of demand, then supply data to calculate daily base rates for pricing optimization.

This integration allows you, as a Hostfully user to import properties to PriceLabs and access dynamic pricing instantaneously. You can choose and set a base price on PriceLabs, or use PriceLabs' recommended base price. Once you're satisfied with the dynamic prices you can “Sync Prices” so that PriceLabs' servers can dynamically price your listings once every day on Hostfully's calendar.


On Hostfully's PMP:

  1. Enable the switch on the Integrations page clicking on the drop-down arrow by your Agency Name, click Integrations, and toggle the switch for PriceLabs to ON:

2. Access your property using the drop-down arrow by your Agency Name, click Our Properties, and the property name:

3. Under Main Settings, make sure you have set a “Nightly Base Price” and complete the address fields:

4. Wait for an email from PriceLabs regarding your new account, then reset your password

NOTE: If you already have an account with PriceLabs then you should see your listings under your account ready to be priced dynamically! There is a delay of 15 minutes to pull your properties into PriceLabs. If you don’t see them write an mail to

5. Obtain your Agency ID from Agency Settings in Hostfully:

On PriceLabs:

  1. Login to your PriceLabs account:

  2. Follow steps in Pricelabs' onboarding guide and choose Hostfully in step 2 and enter your Agency ID (shown in screenshot above) to import your listings. Whenever you enable new listings in Hostfully, please repeat this step so the new listings are brought in!

  3. Set your priced for each Hostfully listing. 


  • If you were already using Pricelabs, you will notice you now have two sets of listings which look like duplicates. This is how the integration was designed by Pricelabs. You will recreate your pricing rules for the Hostfully listings and eventually remove your other listings once Hostfully is fully setup.  


We don't often experience issues with this integration. In case you notice otherwise, please reach out to for the best troubleshooting and support.

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