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If you need to find a better way to keep track of your rental income, QuickBooks Online can help you manage your properties' finances. Whether you’re using Airbnb, Vrbo,, or TripAdvisor, all of the money you’re making can be tracked through our integration with QuickBooks Online. See below how to activate this integration.

Before activating the integration, you will need a QuickBooks Online account.


The integration will only import new reservations going forward. Reservations made before Quickbooks is integrated will not import.

Reservation information is only pushed to quickbooks once the reservation is paid in full. Partially paid reservations do not push until they are fully paid.

Step #1: Activate QuickBooks Online

From Hostfully's Integrations page, activate QuickBooks Online by switching its toggle button to the ON position.

Step #2: Connect QuickBooks 

On the QuickBooks pop-up, just click the "Connect to QuickBooks" button

Step #3: On the next screen, click on the Authorize button

Step #4: Synchronization between Hostfully and QuickBooks Online:

Once the apps are connected, Hostfully will start pushing financial data to QuickBooks Online.
The data will be structured the following way:

  • QuickBooks will create a Sales Receipt for each reservation.

  • The "Customer" in Quickbooks will be the guest.

  • Each row as it appears in Hostfully related to the reservation (eg: Rent, Cleaning Fee, Tax, etc) will appear as it's own row in the Sales Receipt

  • You can create custom fields for Property, Check In Date, and Check Out Date, and these call all appear in your standard Quickbooks reports (You can check it here)

  • Once the data is in Quickbooks, you have full control in Quickbooks to make any changes or edits to that info.

Here is an example of Sales receipt

And here's an example of what Customers looks like


Note: After the Custom fields are set up. here is a demo on Hostfully - Quickbooks integration.

Video demo:

The demo covers:

  • Basic flow on how a paid Hostfully reservation flow into Quickbooks

  • How modification on paid Hostfully reservation shows up in Quickbooks

  • A deep-dive on an Airbnb reservation. Here you can see how it looks in Airbnb, how it looks in Hostfully, and then how it looks in Quickbooks via the Sales Receipt, and finally, therefore, how it can appear in reports.


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