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You can easily connect multiple airbnb accounts to Hostfully by connecting to each Airbnb account one at a time. By adding a new Airbnb account, you can manage reservations by switching between multiple Airbnb accounts.

IMPORTANT: Airbnb does not support co-hosting with API at the moment. You need to connect your listing to an airbnb account that actually owns the listing. Our onboarding specialist will also suggest you do that.

First, you have to turn ON and enable the airbnb channel (please read the full documentation here) and click on "manage this channel". Then, click on "Manage multiple Airbnb accounts":

It will open a popup with all of your airbnb accounts that have already established the connections before. 

You can add more than one Airbnb accounts in Hostfully. For adding a new airbnb account, please

  • Log Out of your current Airbnb session 

  • Then on Hostfully, click on "connect with Airbnb". 
    In case this fails, it could be that the Airbnb account is being connected to a 3rd party app (for example: old PMS). Log into your Airbnb account > click on the profile photo > Account > Privacy and Sharing > Sharing > Connected apps and "Remove access" for an app that's not being used.

All the existing Airbnb accounts will be shown by default.

Once you added a new account, you should be able to see the newly added account in the list:

From now on, whenever you publish a new property, Hostfully will ask you to pick the Airbnb account that you want to associate with (like below). Once you choose the right Airbnb account to associate with your new listing, you are good to go!

You can repeat by connecting all of your new properties to different airbnb accounts in the same Hostfully account. Nevertheless, connecting to each account is a separate connection. 

If you have more questions, please send us an email to:

Thank you!

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