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The Hostfully Platform provides simple-to-use turnover job management features. The system allow property managers to:

  • define the service providers they do business with

  • create and assign jobs to service providers via the multi-calendar

  • have the service providers report on completed jobs

Below are the steps to get started:

Step 1: Set up you service providers (cleaners, greeters etc)
Find your “Agency Settings” in the drop-down menu tab that shows your company name.
Click on “Service Providers”:

Select “Cleaner”, fill in the blanks with the supplier’s information(you may want to add email address or phone number for primary contact methods) accordingly, and save. You can add as many suppliers as you have to manage the outsource partners.

You’re now ready to assign jobs to your service partners.

Step 2: Assign jobs to service providers

Go to your multi-calendar view ("Calendar menu")
Drag or point to the date you want to create jobs at or to manage the existing job

Click on “Create a Job”, select the property and the service provider.

Make sure the date and time are correct. The Start/End Time use 24hr time display
You can choose to save and open mailer to automate the communication with the service provider:

You will not need to enter the contact information, it will be automatically filled in
You can also choose to send a message copy to your team to keep everyone in the loop

Step 3: Visualise the scheduled jobs on your calendar

Once jobs have been scheduled, you will be able to visualise them directly on your multi-calendar through the little transparent blue circles, as shown below:

With a simple click, you can manage those job bookings. When you click on a job it will either say (NEW) on the top left of the detail or it will say (SCHEDULED) if it's been accepted by the service provider.

Cancelling jobs:

If a reservation is cancelled, the associated job(s) will be cancelled automatically and an email will be sent to the service provider to notify them.

Advanced Use Cases: Platform API & Properly integration

For large companies willing to streamline their turnover management process at scale, our platform provides both a full API for job management and an integration with the Properly mobile app. You can also check how to manage job automation on the platform in this article.

We hope that this new set of management tools will help you get the jobs done! As always, we welcome your feedback, suggestions and comments.

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