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Hostfully provides integration with the Stripe payment processor for all of Hostfully's international customers subscribing to at least an agency account.

Note: The charge to use Stripe (2.9% charged by Stripe and 1% charged from Hostfully on every booking) is non-refundable.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is one of the best ways to accept payments online and in mobile apps. Stripe handles billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world, and helps businesses accept payments from anyone, anywhere. Internally, they say their goal is to increase the GDP of the internet - they want to bring more businesses online worldwide.

How does it work?

First, you can go to your Integrations page to turn ON Stripe.

  • If you already own a Stripe account, you will be able to connect it.

  • If you're new to Stripe, the system will prompt you to create an account.

Then, you can go to the Settings link beside the ON toggle to activate Stripe for the desired property / properties.

Note: if you want to connect to a sub account of a current Stripe account, you should log out of Stripe first. Because when turning on the integration, it automatically selects the current account.

From that point on, proceeds from the rental bookings you close through Hostfully will be deposited to the bank account connected to your Stripe account.

Countries supported by Stripe on Hostfully

Your business needs to be based in one of the following countries for you to process Hostfully booking payments via Stripe: 

"No such charge" error

Rarely, PMs need to refund certain amount from a booking's order, and this error shows up. It's usually resulted from:

  • Manual payment wrongly input: can delete the manual payment and retry

  • Property connected to multiple Stripe account:

    • PM can reconnect the old Stripe account to do the refund and rollback the connection afterwards

    • PM can refund the charge via Stripe and add a manual refund on the PMP

"No Such Paymentintent" Error

This error happens when the PM has multiple Stripe accounts.

  • The charge had been made when signed in to one Stripe account

  • The refund was then processed when signed in to another Stripe account.

In that case, PM either needs to reconnect PMP with the initial Stripe account when the charge was made, or log in to Stripe and manually refund from there.

Hack to break up fees into 3 payments:

As a Property Manager (PM) you can charge the initial payment using the % due at booking, then request each payment directly in Stripe, going to the Pipeline, and manually recording the next payment. Here is an example: if the total rent is $100:

  1. The guest would pay $50 right away (by setting 50% due at booking)

  2. The property manager (you) would send an invoice directly for $25 from Stripe (details here) for the 2nd payment.

  3. The property manager (you) records the payment in the Pipeline.

  4. The property manager can later down the line hover over the circle in the Pipeline to send a balance payment request for the final $25

P.S Here is a helpful tip submitted by one of our clients!


Someone shared with me they had a booking with a stolen credit card & Stripe couldn't offer protection for the charge, deducting it from her account. For an extra layer of authentication, log into your stripe account & follow these steps:

1. Log into your STRIPE account
2) Click on RADAR (left side)
3) Then click on RULES (left side)
4) Go to middle section & on right side click button that says ENABLE

What does this do? It requests a text be sent to the OWNER of the card usedfor the purchase.

Stripe article explaining 3D Secure

Deactivation notice

Once Stripe is deactivated, the Hostfully PMP UI no longer allows PMs to process the refund from Hostfully. Even so, PMs can still definitely just log directly in to Stripe and issue the refund from there.

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