Capturing guest reviews after their stay

Hostfully can optionally email guests and ask them to leave a review after their stay.  You can enable this feature on your Agency Settings page (bottom of the page), by checking the box "Automatically capture guest reviews after check-out":

The email that is sent to guests can be customised on the Templates and Triggers page

The email will automatically be sent 24 hours after check-out by the guest. When the guest clicks the "Click here to provide your review" button, the following page will be displayed to the guest:

Once the review is added by the guest, it will be added to your review manager (see below).

Managing reviews

Hostfully centralises all your reviews in the Review Manager. The Review Manager will show all reviews captured by Hostfully and allows property managers to also input reviews they collected from other listing portals.

The Review Manager is found on the "Reviews" tab under each Property Settings page. Note that reviews can be deleted at will by the property manager.

Displaying reviews on your website

Hostfully provides an API that allows property managers to display reviews on their website for each rental property. The Hostfully Review API also allows for batch uploading of reviews. For more information, please consult our dev portal at

Note: For batch upload of reviews using API, it's available to Premium clients only. For Starter or Pro clients, they can manually upload reviews using the review manager. Those reviews will show on their Hostfully site only.

Leveraging your review on listing portals

Hostfully also allows property managers to leverage their native reviews (read: reviews captured via their website or via Hostfully) by automatically uploading them to some of the top listing websites such as HomeAway or VRBO. Please see this article for more details on synchronising reviews with HomeAway.

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