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Hostfully allows property managers to recommend local activities, places or businesses to their guests. This can be done for each property under the Property Settings page, just click on the link "Manage Local Recommendations" link:

1. Adding your local recommendations

On the Local Recommendations Management page, you can add the recommended places and activities.  and will be displayed on the map on this page and on the listing pages on the Hostfully channel. There is two ways to provide recommendations:

  1. pick and choose the local recommendations automatically suggested by the system. This is a good way to build up your initial set of recommendations.

  2. enter your recommendations manually. This is the fine-tuning process.

To select suggested recommendations. just click the Select Places button and just choose from the list of best rated places around this particular property:

If you prefer entering a recommendation manually, just click the "Enter Recommendation" link and enter the recommendation manually (this is the preferred way when you want to suggest a place off the grid, like a cool hidden beach or a hiking trail starting point). These recommendations will be automatically geolocated through our connection to the Google Map API.

The system also let you provide a short note about why you particularly recommend this place, because there's nothing like a personal suggestion:

2. Leveraging your recommendation data

a. Showing recommendations on your Hostfully Guidebook
For property managers also using the Hostfully Guidebook product, the system will soon be able to synchronise recommendations from the platform to the Guidebook.

b. Showing recommendations on the guest portal
Recommendations will automatically be shown on the guest portal. The portal is used by guests to get back to their rental information, which includes property information, payment details, and trip preparation data. For more information, see the article on Understanding the Guest Portal.

c. Displaying the local recommendations on your website

 Hostfully allows property managers to display local recommendations on their website through the use of our open API. Please check our API documentation at for more information.

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