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It is important for property managers to lay out their rental conditions and give an opportunity to guests to review them before booking a rental.

Defining your Rental Conditions

Rental conditions can be defined at the company level (if conditions are the same across all properties) or at the property level (if they differ). If they only differ for a minor percentage of your whole inventory, you can define the company-level one and "override" at the property level for the ones that need different conditions.

 For company-level conditions, you can define them under Agency Settings > Rental Conditions tab:

For property-level conditions, you can define them under the Property Settings > Rental Conditions tab:

Important Note:

  • If property-level conditions are edited (even if the changes are deleted and become blank), they will prevail.

  • If property-level conditions are left untouched, company-level conditions will prevail

Where are our rental conditions being used?

Rental conditions will be used during the booking process when guests are about to book one of your rentals:

  1. On Hostfully, when guests are about to pay for their reservations, they will have to accept your rental conditions:

Note that if you enabled Digital Signatures, the guest will also be required to sign the document electronically. See the article on digital signatures for details.

2. On listing sites, Hostfully will provide your rental conditions to all listing sites that allow submission of your custom agreement. For example, on Vrbo, guests will be able to look at your rental agreement during the booking process:

The Rental Conditions are not being sent to Airbnb & They allow it but it needs to go out in a template and trigger. Further details can be found here.

Sample Signed Rental Conditions:

Here's an example of the format of a signed PDF rental agreement:

The details automatically added to signed rental agreement (in top-to-bottom order)

  • Agency's information (name & address)

  • Property's information (name & address)

  • Guest's information (name & email address)

  • Arrival-Departure dates & Number of nights

  • Rental Condition content

  • Guest IP Address & Signature (with sign date)

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