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Hostfully provides vacation rental management companies (VRMCs) with a way to manage calendars collaboratively with the property owners they represent. 

VRMCs can basically allow each property owner to access the "Owner Portal", a part of Hostfully's site where owners can co-manage the availability of their rental and get informed about the status of their calendars. VRMCs can also publish booking reports with owners, to keep them informed about the occupancy of their rental. Please see the steps to set up your owners below:


STEP 1: Provide owner information for each property

Under each Property Settings page, you will see an "Owner" tab. This form helps you define the owner's information and set the contractual relationship (the commission rate) with this owner. You will set the commission rate as the amount you are charging the owner. In the example below, the property manager is charging 80% and paying the owner 20%. Nice business model, right!

Important note: each email address can only be used once for any type of Hostfully account. You cannot use your login email or any other email which has been used for any other Hostfully account (guest, owner, service provider, etc) as the email for the owner account.

There are a lot of key features on this page, such as:

  • the ability to notify owners of every new booking

  • the ability to provide multiple email addresses for the above notifications

  • the ability to allow/disallow owner to block dates on their calendar

  • the ability to decide Agency or Owner will collect and remit tax(es). This will affect the Due Agency and Due Owner amounts in the financial report accordingly.

STEP 2: Invite the owner to claim their account

Note that once you have created the owner account, the owner form field are disabled. In order to change those settings, you would have to first click on "Remove property access to this owner".

Now, you can send the owner an email with their login credentials click on "Invite Owner to Claim Owner Account":

When the Send Invite pop-up window shows. just click on Send Message, and the owner will be sent the invitation to claim their account:


Once the owners log in with their credentials at they will first see a booking calendar showing all the bookings contracted by your company with basic reservation details except the financials. 

From there, they will have an opportunity to block periods of time by simply dragging the open dates on the calendar and filling out the mini form. Note that they can also provide a note to your staff, like when they'd expect a cleaning done for example:

They also have the ability to cancel or edit the blocks they made directly in the owner portal and you as the property manager can edit or delete their blocks directly from the calendar in your account.

On your side, the blocked time created by the owner will appear as a purple with stripes block, and will contain the notes entered by the owner to your attention:

Email notifications for blocked periods created by owners

Note that your company will receive an email every time an owner creates a blocked period on their calendar.

Owner's Account Settings

You can update your information and change your account's password in the Settings tab from the drop-down menu

Airbnb Connect

If owners do not want to provide you with their credentials and want to keep their own listing for you to manage, they can connect their Airbnb listing to Hostfully through this portal. It will allow you as the PM to manage their property and send messages as if they were from the owner.

White labeling the owner's portal

You can increase your brand's appeal and apply your own business branding to the Owner's Portal, so that your customers will only see your brand and not Hostfully's for all customers' facing pages.

Get more information about this setup at Setting up Your Custom Branding

Please let us know if you have any questions via pop-up chat on the bottom right, or via email to

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