Hostfully allows property managers to require from guests that they digitally sign their rental agreement before allowing them to complete the reservation. The digital signature technology is provided by Hostfully and does not require property managers to subscribe to a third party system.

Step 1: activating digital signatures

In order to activate digital signatures, head to the Agency Settings page (top right menu) and at the bottom of the page, select "Activate digital signatures for platform bookings":

Note: In order to activate digital signatures, the property manager will have to subscribe to a Hostfully Pro account or above. If using a Starter account, the user will be prompted to upgrade to a Pro account

Step 2: set up your rental conditions

In Agency Settings > Rental Conditions, make sure to set your rental agreement. This is the agreement that will be digitally signed by your guests.

For more details, you can check out this help article on managing Rental Conditions

Note that if you have a different rental agreement per property, you can also set the rental agreement at the property level.

  • If no edit is made on the property level, agency-level one is the default.

  • If any edit is made on the property level, property-level one is now the default.

Property-level setting for rental conditions

How do digital signatures get collected?

When the guest goes through the last page of your payment flow, then end up on the payment page. On this page, they will have to 

  • provide their payment information, 

  • their personal information, 

  • agree to your rental agreement

  • and digitally sign the document:

Who receives the signed documents?

The signed rental agreement is received by email by both the Property Manager and the Guest. They will include the guest's signature, the guest's name and the signature date. The document is automatically is sent as an attached PDF document.

Here's an example of the format of a signed PDF rental agreement:

Where to find signed documents?

Signed rental agreements can be found on the Edit Lead window for the booking corresponding to this rental agreement. Under the Data tab, you will find a field called "Rental Agreement URL", where you will find the URL of the signed agreement:

Getting the agreement signed for non-Hostfully channels

Property Managers also have the ability to get their rental agreement electronically signed via Hostfully, even if the booking is not processed through the Hostfully Platform (so, for bookings coming from Airbnb, Vrbo or TripAdvisor, for example).

To do so, you can create a Custom Template and add the following URL of the rental agreement, then add a Trigger with the guest as recipient:[$ORDER_UID$]

Note: do not wrap the URL in a <a> link inside your template, or the system will not be able to set the variable. Just keep the link unwrapped, like below:


Upon reception of the message, the guest can click on the link, and will be directed to the rental agreement to e-sign. When e-signed, you will receive an email notification, and the signed rental agreement will found under the Data tab, under the Edit Lead pop-up window. 

Resending the Rental Agreement

If you need to resend the rental agreement, you can do so by using the prefix - and then adding the order UID to the end. You can find the order UID by viewing the order within the lead. A completed link would look like -

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