Hostfully Property Management Platform - PMP, supports 2 SMS solutions as below:

and that'd be helpful to set up the messaging automation via SMS with.


  • Please reach out to Hostfully Support team (pop-up chat on the page's bottom, or via email to to have SMS feature (either One-way or Two-way) enabled from the back-end, before you can actually send SMS from Hostfully PMP.

One-way SMS Service

Here's how to enable text messages (SMS) as part of the messaging automation schemes supported by Hostfully's Messaging Engine.

First, head to the Agency Settings page, and at the bottom, select "Activate SMS (text messages):


  • Please note, the SMS is sent from a generic number. Unfortunately, we are not able to link this message to your phone number. Unlike the Two-way option, with this One-Way option, the SMS goes from PMP to Guest and that's it. if the guest replies to the SMS it will not be seen. We highly recommend explaining this and relaying the best way to contact you in the text message.

Two-way SMS Service

The setting is under Agency's Main Settings for clients from Pro subscription

Here's the flow chart on how this should work between PM (Property Manager) - PMP System and Guest.

  • The SMS messages can be initiated

    • manually via Inbox.

    • automatically via triggers (set up instructions below) from PMP to Guest.

  • SMS from a guest's response will be recorded in the PMP's Inbox and forwarded to the phone number of an agent assigned to a lead if any. If no agent is assigned to a lead, the SMS will be just recorded in the Inbox and not forwarded anywhere.

  • It is not possible to respond to the SMS message from the text on your phone. You will need to login to the PMP and respond from the inbox.

Set Up SMS Messaging Automation

Head to the Templates and Triggers page, tab Custom Templates.
There, click on the Create a Template button, and select SMS Template.

Build your SMS template: provide a name, use variables inside the body or the message in order to make the text dynamic in relation to the event you want to text your users about:


  • Link can just be input as raw text, and no need to hyperlink. When the SMS template is sent out, the link should automatically become clickable.

  • The character limit is 1600. Please make sure your SMS template doesn't exceed this limit as it will lead to the template failing to be sent.

Then click on Save Template

Next, head to the Triggers tab (on the same page), Add Trigger, and select Send SMS as the action that gets triggered in association with the current trigger.

Click on Save, and you're done.

The system will now automatically send a text message to the recipients you selected on the Trigger window every time the conditions you specified in your trigger are met.

And yay! I got my new SMS when a new booking inquiry came in:

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