Hostfully's Channel Manager allows our customers to publish their listings to meta-search engines such as HomeToGo or Holidu.

What are vacation rental meta-search engines?

Much like the site Kayak provides aggregated offers for airlines, meta-search engines in the vacation rental space are supply aggregators that allow travelers to search for property rentals across many websites, compare offers and book their stay.

The particularity of these sites is that they are not the merchant of record for bookings. The way they operate is that they send traffic back to the suppliers and charge those suppliers if a booking is made for a lead they provided to the supplier through their search site.

How does this work with Hostfully?

Hostfully Property Management Platform simply allows its users to push their listing to these meta-search engine sites. Activation is as simple as just toggling the channel to "ON", and the Hostfully APIs will do the work in the background. The publishing is not immediate: those sites come and get updated inventory a couple time a day from the Hostfully API and publish the listings. Everything is automatically synchronized: property data + photos, prices (including dynamic prices if you use them), availability etc

Getting started

To get started, just head to Hostfully Channels page and turn "ON" the channels you want to distribute to: 

Once the your property data has been retrieved by the partner site, the listing will appear on the search site:

When a traveler clicks on the "View Deal" button (for HomeToGo, for example), the traveler will be redirected to Hostfully's listing site:

Once on Hostfully, the traveler will be able to confirm their travel dates and submit their inquiry:

Once the inquiry is submitted, it will appear on your dashboard as a new lead. The status of this lead will be "Pending", as the lead needs to be approved by the property manager:

The review process allows the property manager to review the details of the inquiry and accept the commission to be paid back to the channel:

Once the property manager accepts the inquiry, an email is send back to the traveler, so they can proceed and complete their booking:

This example used HomeToGo as a channel but the flow is similar for Holidu. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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