We’re bummed when customers want to cancel. But it happens. We are a self sign-up and self-cancellation platform, and you can cancel whenever you want.  

For guidebooks: click on the profile on the upper right, then "Manage Account", and then "Subscriptions" and you can cancel from there.

For property management platform: click on "Agency Settings" and then "Account Status" and you'll see a link to cancel subscription.

You can cancel any time, and because of that, it is not our policy to offer refunds. Be advised, if you click to cancel, you will lose access to your account and Hostfully data then and there even if you have paid for a longer duration. Please ensure before clicking cancel you turn OFF all integrations.

Also, please note that any implementation fees help off-set the manual work involved in a proper onboarding, and these fees are non-refundable.

Please note: If you do cancel, all of your data in Hostfully will be lost, so if you are having concerns and might come back to us, please contact us at support@hostfully.com before canceling.

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