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How to install the Hostfully plugin on WordPress

We have created a plugin for WordPress users, so installing the Hostfully widget on WordPress is easy.  Our WordPress widget is a small block that can be embedded in your WordPress website such that you can capture lead information. You can add our widget in sidebars and footers also known as widget-ready areas on your web page. 

Here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1

Please download the Hostfully plugin here. The plugin will be downloaded as a .zip file.

Step 2

Open your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins and switch to the Upload tab.  Click Browse to browse your local drive and select the Hostfully plugin .zip file that you have downloaded. Then click Install Now to install the plugin from the .zip file.

Once you are installing, you will see the following screen (or a similar visual cue):

Step 3

That's it. You have successfully installed the Hostfully widget plugin on your WordPress site.  You will see the new widget appears in your wp-admin as follows:

Step 4

Now you can configure the widget and put that in different widget area.

For example, we put the installed widget in Footer 2:

Then, you can configure:

An example of how the widget will look like:

Hope it helps! If you have more questions, please send them to Thank you!

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