In many cases, guests will want to modify their reservation (change dates, add or
remove people from the party, add pets).

Here are the ways changes get processed via the different channels:

All Channels Except Airbnb

You can edit the lead directly from the Pipeline in Hostfully. Hover to the right of lead and an edit button will appear. Click on that and it will open the lead. You can change dates, add fees, etc. Once you make your edits, please remember to click save :)

How additional payments and refunds work after modifying a reservation:

When you modify a booking and the cost of the reservation changes you will need to send a Balance Payment Request from the pipeline to the guest, so they can pay the difference. If the total is decreased and you need to refund the guest, you will need to do it manually from the view order page within the lead (if using Stripe) or by logging into your payment processor and refunding directly from there.


Changes to a reservation can be initiated by the guest or by the Property Manager on Airbnb.

Important note, Airbnb has a limitation where the property cannot be changed when connected to a property management platform. If you are trying to move the guest to another one of your properties, you will need to cancel and rebook the guest.

Here's a screenshot to show where the Property Manager would make the change in Airbnb

Once the changes have been made, those changes will need to be accepted by the Property Manager or the guest on Airbnb

Once accepted, the changes will automatically reflect on Hostfully

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