After activating your properties on the Channel management page, and activating your properties for listing, you will often see some statuses being displayed by the property name, as below:

In order to better understand the meaning of these statuses, we're listing each of them below, so you can also understand where you listing stands while going to the activation flow:

Re-listing a "Closed" property

If your property is in "Closed" status and you'd like to re-list on, follow these steps:

  • sign into your property account, and on the front page for this property, just click the Open your Property

Room Types and Room Named may lead to properties ending up in status - Closed

Sometimes you may have difficulties with Room Types and Room Names on which make your properties ending up in status - Closed. In this case you need to avoid room names or room types duplicates. When the channel is active you can choose here in the property edit page:

Or when doing the connection

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