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"... (not) allow in listings titles"

On the update of 15th August, Airbnb won't allow emojis and all caps in the listing titles. Furthermore, the content of the listing on Airbnb cannot have these :

  • Email addresses

  • Website links

  • Phone numbers

  • Emojis

  • Special characters (such as * ! etc)

  • All-caps WORDS

Below is the list of sections on Airbnb that cannot have Email addresses, Website links, Phone numbers, or Emojis:

You would need to check and remove all of them then you refresh the sync

"Your listing has been temporarily paused and can't be turned on..."

This happens because the object has_availability of your property is null. You can contact Airbnb to fix this. If they are not able to do that, feel free to let Hostfully support know. We will work with Airbnb to help approve the listings.

"Property not mapped" error occurs:

The "property not mapped" error simply implies that the listing is not mapped on Airbnb.  The user has to map his listing on Airbnb. After that, s/he will have to refresh the Hostfully synchronization page to check if the corresponding listing being mapped. The page refresh will make "property not mapped" error disappear. 

"Please select a consistent property type and property group"

This error happens when the set of "Property Type" and "Listing Type" under your property's Main Settings is not consistent. Please refer to this article to know the consistent setup.

"You may only specify one of each fee_type for standard_fees"

This is because you're having 2 fees with the same fee type. Note that Airbnb only allows one fee per type. If you have, for example, 2 Management fees you'll see a warning message when you refresh the sync between Hostfully and Airbnb.

"Your check-in window should be at least 2 hours"

Go to your property's Main Settings and double-check these 2 sections: Check In time start and Check In time end. Please make sure the check-in window is at least 2 hours (e.g. start at 15:00 and end at 17:00).

"You can only host long-term rentals (29 or more)"

Please refer to this article to understand why it happens and the necessary steps you need to take in order to resolve the issue.

If you encounter any other sync errors, don't hesitate to reach out to Hostfully Support team for further help. Thanks!

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