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Hostfully allows vacation rental management companies (VRMCs) to share booking reports with the owners of the properties they manage. The instruction below is for the normal Report (v1), for further instructions in the Enhancing Report (v2), please see part E in this article.

Here are the steps to create and publish booking reports on the owners'  portals:

STEP 1: Create a booking report from the Reports page

  • Select the owner from the owner's list

  • Select the dates to use for the booking report

STEP 2: Generate a booking statement

Once you have the report you want showing booking data for particular dates for one of your owners, click on the Generate Statement button:

Once the statement is generated, the following page will show:

Note that the statement can be broken down in 3 sections:

  • Booking Report will show all bookings across platforms, and will automatically compute fees, taxes and commission structure. It can also show multiple currencies.

  • Owner Adjustments Report will show all expenses incurred by your company in regards to maintenance of the owner's property, and will be charged to the owner.

  • Financial Report is essentially showing the net due to owners (booking payout net of commission fees and net of owner expenses)

Here is an example to show how the report is calculated:

Rent: rent  ($652) + Extra guest Fee ($50) = $702

Fees: All Fees ($160) = $160

Tax: Taxation rate ($98.28)+ Extra Guest Fee Tax ($0) = $98.28

Total: Rent ($702) + Fees ($160) + Taxes ($98.28) + Sec. Deposit ($400) = $1,360.28

Guest Paid: Total - Transactions paid

Guest Balance: Total - Guest Paid

Commission: Agency commission (100% - Owner commission)

Commission calculation:

The commission column calculates the money that the property owner will get in their account. The calculation is rent + extra guest fees + other fees (if applicable).

Airbnb taxes and the cleaning fee are not part of this calculation.

Then the commission percent from the Owner Tab is used to calculate the split between owner and property manager. By default, the agency has 100% commission (Owner Tab percent is blank unless you add a number in)

Note that the report can be exported as a PDF or Excel document (orange arrow).

STEP 3: Publish the statement to the owner's account

Once the statement is generated, you can publish the statement on the Owner's portal account. Click the "Share with Owner" button (red arrow above). On the pop-up window (below), you can do the following things:

  • Adjust the title of the statement

  • Select to notify the owner of the published statement (owner will be notified by email)

  • When ready, just click the Share button and the statement will be shared to the owner's portal:

On the owner's portal, the published statements will show under the Statements menu.

Reviewing the published statements

All statement which are actively published to owners will show under the Owner Statement tabs:

Removing a statement from the owner's account

If you wish to un-publish a statement and effectively remove if from the owner's portal list of statements, just click the Delete button for the corresponding statement (red arrow above)

Note: Owners don't actually get emailed the report. The owner logs in to their Owners Portal to view it there. Here is an example:


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