Combining custom checklists, automated workflows, data-driven property inventory with simple task management that staff will use, Breezeway helps managers coordinate inspections, cleaning and maintenance tasks and improve the quality of their back-office operations.

This unique integration simplifies everything related to property maintenance and turnover, including:

  • Better task coordination and tracking

  • Brand control and quality assurance

  • Seamless team and client communication

  • Powerful scheduling and management

Getting started is easy…

On Hostfully

Step 1: Log-in to your Hostfully PMP account and access the Integrations page

Step 2: Enable the Breezeway Switch

Step 3: Access Agency Settings and obtain your Hostfully Agency UID

On Breezeway

Step 1: Create a Breezeway account

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Step 2: Breezeway will reach out to you

Provide your Agency UID, and Breezeway will set-up your account in no time! 

Step 3: Your property inventory and reservation information will automatically sync into Breezeway

Once you start using Breezeway’s maintenance tool, you’ll be able to monitor the status of each property through information including the number of open tasks at a property, the last clean and the last inspection. All columns can be sorted, and you can view by groups, tags or buildings. 


Step 4: Start using Breezeway’s intelligent tool to more effectively schedule cleanings, inspections and maintenance for each property

You’ll be able to:

  • Use custom task checklists and forms for cleaning and inspections

  • Surface existing work orders and history of specific elements

  • Match property inventory with device notifications and spot issues early

  • Quickly share details with staff, owners and third-party vendors

You’ll also be able to use the dashboard as a control center for daily tasks and reservations. The top two graphs will show you how many tasks have been completed, how many are in progress, and how many are left, as well the number of properties that are ready.

Call Breezeway at (857) 228-8636 or email with any questions!

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