The best way to share your guidebook is to send the guidebook link directly to the guest. We are aware that many booking platforms may suppress any links inserted into their internal messaging systems, so if you have your guest's email address, sending them a nice email sharing the guidebook is generally what we recommend.

To retrieve the guidebook link for a guidebook, you can go to your list of guidebooks in your host dashboard and click the URL displayed for the appropriate guidebook. The sharable link should be automatically copied to your clipboard. The link will look something like

If for some reason that doesn't work, you can simply preview the guidebook and then copy the URL from the browser. This link will look slightly different, something like

On the guidebook edit page, you can also now click the "share" icon in the top right.

This will open up a dialog container that will give you quick access to the URL that you can share with your guests.

You can also share the Guidebook's QR code from the edit page of each Guidebook so that it can be scanned (see top right of the edit page):

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