Property Managers can rely on the Hostfully Platform to provide their guest with all the information they need during their trip. Nothing to do: guests get invited to their account during the booking process, and their portal is automatically and dynamically created with all the data gathered during the booking flow.

Mobility first

The Hostfully Guest Portal is first and foremost, easily accessible and optimised to work from any mobile device:

Guest's past and future bookings

After logging in, guests will be able to access their booking history and their upcoming trips:

Property details:

For a particular booking, guests will be able to find the property information for the rental they booked:

Local recommendations:

Guest will be able to access your local recommendations and visualize their locations on an embedded Google Map:

Communication with the Property Manager

Guests can directly email the property manager from the Hostfully Inbox. Property managers will be able to respond directly to the guest's questions though this interface:

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