Mobility first

The Hostfully Guest Portal is first and foremost, easily accessible and optimized to work from any mobile device:


How do guests register their account?

After going through payment on Hostfully, guests can be invited to create an account to access the Guest Portal. They do so through a special link that will send them to a page where they can register their account (they essentially have to create a password), as below:

How do guests log into their guest account?

Once they registered their account, guests log into the system using the regular platform login page at

What do guests see on the guest portal?

Property's Custom Branding (if any)

You can increase your brand's appeal and apply your own business branding to the guest's portal, so that your customers will only see your brand and not Hostfully's for all customers' facing pages.

Get more information about this setup at Setting up Your Custom Branding

Guest's past and future bookings

After logging in, guests will be able to access their booking history and their upcoming trips:

Property details:

For a particular booking, guests will be able to find the property information for the rental they booked:

Local recommendations:

Guest will be able to access your local recommendations and visualize their locations on an embedded Google Map:

Communication with the Property Manager

Guests can directly email the property manager from the Hostfully Inbox. Property managers will be able to respond directly to the guest's questions though this interface:

Access to the property guidebook and marketplace

If you have an active Hostfully Guidebook for this property, guests will be able to access their guidebook from the Guest Portal's front page.

If you activated your Marketplace, they will also be able to access it from that page, as seen below:

From the marketplace, guests will be able to purchase whatever items you added to your marketplace. Guest can select multiple items and will go through payment when ready to check-out their online cart:

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