Every guidebook includes a shareable link that you can easily send to your guests. When it is created initially it will include this text: https://hostful.ly/ followed by randomly assigned letters. If you prefer to provide a more memorable link, or one that better describes your brand, you can customize the suffix of the URL. For example, https://hostful.ly/ranchoverde1

If you want to customize the entire URL please see this help article on using your own domain. That will allow you to change the prefix (and the suffix) and is more technical.

Here's how:

Step 1: On your left menu, click Guidebooks

Step2: Select which Guidebook you'd like to edit. Find it using the filter or scrolling down the list, then double-click on the guidebook's name.

Step: 3: Scroll down to "Settings". Type your "Custom URL"

Example: If you enter the text "easytoremember" under "Custom URL", your link will be called "https://hostful.ly/easytoremember

Step 4: Save by clicking "Publish Changes"

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