For a video with instructions, please follow this link:

You may also follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1: Log into your Hostfully account:

Step 2: Once you're on the Dashboard, click on Guidebooks:

Step 3: Select the Template you'd like to use as base for your New Guidebook (you can only use a Template once you've created one):

Step 4: A New Guidebook will open. Under section #1, name it so that you can locate it later:

Step 5: Select and upload an image for it:

Step 6: Insert an address for your New Guidebook:

Note: you can enter the city OR the Latitude / Longitude , you don't need to do both.

Step 7: Information in the following sections will populate based on the information you have completed in your selected Template. In section #4 you'll see what Template the New Guidebook is linked to:

Step 8: Publish Changes:

Step 9: Once you're back at the Dashboard, select the New Guidebook you just finished creating:

Step 10: On the top right, feel free to review your New Guidebook. You'll notice that the characteristics from your Template have been transferred to this New Guidebook.

Thank you!

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