This optional feature can be turned on to display a Splash Page for your guidebooks. Your guests will see this Splash Page the first time they click on the URL to the guidebook. There they can review the terms, conditions, and house rules, accept them, then enter their email addresses, which you can collect and report on the back end.
For a video with instructions, please follow this link:

You may also follow the step-by-step instructions below:

A. Set up Splash Screen

Step 1: Log into your Hostfully account:

Step 2: Click on Themes:

Step 3: Select a New or Existing Theme:

Step 4: Within your Theme, scroll down to a header saying "Do you want your guests to accept terms before viewing?". Check the box that says "Show splash screen and require guest approval of terms" to turn ON the Splash Screen feature:

Step 5: Now that the Splash Screen Feature is turned ON, other optional features become available. Select the ones you'd like to activate, and type the Terms you'd like the guests to read and accept into the text box.

See here to read about adding custom fields to your splash screen.

Step 6: You also have additional options to change/keep the text on the "I AGREE" button, or change/keep a primary color for your Theme:

Step 7: Select which Guidebook(s) the Splash Screen should be connected to:

Step 8: Please, save your work!

Step 9: You can now take a look at the Guidebooks you connected with the Splash Screen by clicking on their names or copying the URL into your browser's address bar. The first time you visit these Guidebooks you'll see the Splash Screen.

B. Optional Reporting:

You can use the collected emails from the Splash Page for re-marketing. Should you want to see a report that lists (among other pieces of data) the email addresses entered upon landing on your Splash Pages, follow these steps:

Step 1: From your Dashboard, click on Reports:  

Step 2: Click on Guest Terms:

Step 3: Once the Guest Terms Approval Data is displayed, feel free to download the report in ".CSV" format by clicking on the blue download icon on the top right:

You can now use the emails and data for re-marketing or other purposes.

Thank you!

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