Lodgable is a web-based channel management platform for vacation rental property managers and homeowners

Thanks to the Hostfully - Lodgable integration, property managers can sync their Hostfully properties into their Lodgable account and subsequently streamline property rental, management, and advertising tasks. Below are the steps to export and sync your Hostfully properties with Lodgable


On Hostfully

Step 1: Log-in to your Hostfully account and access the Channels page

Step 2:
Scroll down to the section titled Channel Management Integrations, locate Lodgable, then flip the switch to on.

Step 3: Access Agency Settings and obtain your Hostfully Agency UID

On Lodgable:

Step 1: Sign up for free 

Step 2: Connect on Lodgable. From the Lodgable header, click your user avatar, account settings, and then app directory. Scroll down to locate Hostfully, click connect, and then follow the prompts to enter and submit your Hostfully Agency UID. 

Step 3: Get training and get started. Schedule a demo and the on-boarding team will help you to optimize your listings and get started!

Step 4:  Now your Lodgable and Hostfully can sync all of your property content, rates, and availability. 

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