The Hostfully Template & Trigger system allows users to create templates in multiple languages, and automate the sending of those messages in the language of the recipient. Please see the steps below to see how to set this up: 


  • We receive language preference from Airbnb and Hostfully (Direct) channels. Other channels such as or TripAdvisor do not share language preference with us. To update language preference for a guest in Hostfully, see the last step of this article. 

  • For Canadian guests, the default language preference is French, so the French template will be picked up if any over other language(s).

Step 1: Add a language to an existing custom template

Select Templates and Trigger in your top-right menu, and on the Templates & Triggers page, select the Custom Templates tab. Click the Add a Language link for the custom template you want to provide a translated version for:

Step 2: Select the language for this version

On the template creation pop-up, select the language you want to provide content for:

Step 3: Provide translated content

Enter the content you want for his template.
Note: you can include a link to your multilingual Hostfully guidebook when applicable

Step 4: tell the system to automatically choose the right template based on the guest's preferred locale

Create a trigger associated with the parent template (you do not need to create a trigger per language). 

When selecting a template that has multiple languages, the system will ask if you want to automatically match the recipients' language to the template's language:

Step 5: add the language preference for guests

For reservations from channels other than Airbnb and Hostfully/Direct (because those get pulled in automatically), you can manually select (or update/change, if needed) the preferred language for the guest. To do this, click Edit for a guest from the Pipeline, click on Client Information, select the Language, click Save.

As always, we welcome your feedback, so feel free to contact us if you have questions or suggestions at

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