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Getting Started

1- Log-in to your Hostfully PMP account

2- On the dashboard, find your account name on the menu, click on the drop down arrow

3- Click on Our Properties

4- Click on the property you'd like to edit

Setting Bedrooms

Under the Main Settings tab, click on either the number dropdown, or Set Bedrooms (located above the Number of Beds):

Setting Bed types:

Under the Main Settings tab, click Bed Types (located below the Number of Beds) to specify which bed(s) you have for the available room(s).

Click on the room you’d like to edit, select the corresponding bed types, and save:

A bunk bed will be counted as 2 beds on VRBO, but remains at its own type and quantity on Airbnb. For example, your setting for bed type in PMP is 2 king beds and 2 bunk beds, when the data is fed over to the channels, on VRBO it would be displayed 6 beds, but Airbnb would remain as 2 king beds and 2 bunk beds.

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