Available Guidebook languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Polish, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek.

Follow these steps to select a language:

1- Log-in to your Hostfully Guidebooks account.

2- Select the Guidebook you'd like to configure into a specific language:

3- Scroll down to header #4, then find the Settings sub-header. Check the box with the desired language:

4- A link that's specific to your chosen language will be created (see circled Spanish example below). Please, save your work and share the link with your guests!

Note: You can also keep sharing the main link for your guidebook, and guests will be prompted to select a language when they first view the guidebook (we will attempt to automatically select the best language based on the guest's system and/or browser settings)

If you're viewing a guidebook and need to change the language after it has been selected, you can always click the icon in the upper right and select the bottom option to bring this language selection bar back up.

Thank you!

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