Follow these steps to select a language:

1- Log-in to your Hostfully Guidebooks account.

2- Select the Guidebook you'd like to configure into a specific language:

3- Scroll down to header #4, then find the Settings sub-header. Check the box with the desired language:

4- A link that's specific to your chosen language will be created (see circled Spanish example below). Please, save your work and share the link with your guests!

Note: You can also keep sharing the main link for your guidebook, and guests will be prompted to select a language when they first view the guidebook (we will attempt to automatically select the best language based on the guest's system and/or browser settings)

If you're viewing a guidebook and need to change the language after it has been selected, you can always click the icon in the upper right and select the bottom option (Language / Lenguaje / Sprache / Langue / Lingua / 言語 / Język / Idioma) to bring this language selection bar back up.

Thank you!

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