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Depending on your model, you may want to limit access to certain areas of the system for some employees. The easiest option is to create everyone as a manager on the account and provide them full access, but this isn't always acceptable for some business owners.

Hostfully provides a set of "roles" from which you can choose from to grant a team member access to particular areas of the system. The roles are not currently customizable beyond the 4 we provide.

In this document, we outline:

  1. The 4 roles and the matrix of permissions for each of the 4 roles

  2. Steps you need to take to activate this feature and match properties with users

  3. Example of how different access works for different user roles

Note: Starter clients do not get access to Team Members and having multiple users. This feature is only available for Pro package and above.

1. The 4 roles and the matrix of permissions for each of the 4 roles


The Manager has the highest level of access and control and there are no limitations on access to any part of the product paid for

  • View and control over all properties, property details

  • View of all leads in Pipeline

  • Access and control over Integrations and Channels

  • Agency Settings and user management

  • Override restriction if any (like property's Minimum stay)

If you have a small organization, this may be the only Role you use in the Property Management Platform. For larger organizations with more specialized roles, you can add additional roles for members of your team that best suit your needs.

The roles below are listed in "most frequent" order - so it is best to explore each one at a time to see what best suits your business context.

Booking Agent

The Booking Agent role is for users who will be handling leads, creating bookings, and managing those bookings.

This user may only have access to a subset of the total number of properties in the Property Management Platform. You must set their access by referring to Steps 1-3 above.

They will only be able to handle leads and bookings for the properties that are assigned to them. They will also only be able to see properties that are assigned to them in the stacked calendar.

Property Sales Manager

The Property Sales Manager is a role for users who need to be able to add and edit properties in the Property Management Platform. They can create new properties and modify all the settings associated with those properties, including calendars and owner setup. Property Sales Managers do not have access to all calendars - only the properties the Agency has assigned to them

The Associate has the most limited access of all the Roles in the Property Management Platform. They can only view properties and data that are assigned to them, but have no edit privileges. They cannot edit or delete and data.

2. Steps you need to take to activate this feature and match properties with users

Step 1: Getting Started

To get started with role definition,
1 - click on the Agency Settings menu
2- click on the Invite team members link  

Step 2: invite team members and set their role

On the invite team screen, enter as many team members email addresses as you need (make sure to press ENTER after each email address entered in the field), and then select the role you want to set for this batch of team members

Important Note: The email address is the login. If the email address changes, you cannot change the email associated to the employee. You must create a new employee.

Step 3: Activate Permissions

1 - click on the Agency Settings menu
2- in the Main Settings tab, ensure that "Activate permissions in the property management system" is checked (see below for more detail)

Step 4: Assign Users to Properties

The final step is to assign users to properties. You must do this at the property level, selecting "Our Properties" from the drop down menu.

For each property, you will see a link titled "Set Permissions". Click on this link and you will see all the users with whom you can connect to this given property.

The first user listed is the Manager of the account. Even though you may not assign them to this specific property, the Manager will be able to see and manage all properties.

For all other roles, they must be assigned to a property in order to view property details. The first Agent listed will be the Agent that is auto-assigned new leads associated with these properties.

3. Examples of how different User Roles work

Restricted page access and restricted menu display

The system will dynamically adjust the menu items being displayed to the set of pages accessible to a particular user. Menu items listing to non-authorized pages will not be shown the users. For example, a user with a Property Sales Manager role will see a subset of the menus, like the following:  

Restricted button access

Note that essential buttons are also subject to role-based permissions.
For example, the Add Lead button is not available to PSM and Associate roles (see role definitions in the next section):


Note on Service Providers

Please note that Hostfully also provides access to the system to other "account types", such as Service Providers (cleaners, greeters, maintenance crew), property owner or third party (external) sales agents. For Service Providers, see the article on "Creating accounts for your Service Providers". For property owners, see multiple articles on the topic. 

In a next phase of development on access control, we will be providing users with the ability to create custom roles and assign each role to a particular set of pages and functions on the system. 

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