As your vacation rental management business requires to have a various set of professionals in your team access the Hostfully platform, you often need to make sure that the right people in your organisation have access to the right part of the system. This is called "access control" and Hostfully now provides a set of user "roles" that you can use to grant access to particular areas of the system only to the people managing a particular area of your business.

Step 1: Getting Started

To get started with role definition,
1 - click on the Agency Settings menu
2- click on the Invite team members link   

Step 2: invite team members and set their role

On the invite team screen, enter as many team members email addresses as you need (make sure to press ENTER after each email address entered in the field), and then select the role you want to set for this batch of team members:

Restricted page access and restricted menu display

The system will dynamically adjust the menu items being displayed to the set of pages accessible to a particular user. Menu items listing to non-authorized pages will not be show the the users. For example, a user with a Property Sales Manager role will see a subset of the menus, like the following:  

Restricted button access

Note that essential buttons are also subject to role-based permissions.
For example, the Add Lead button is not available to PSM and Associate roles (see role definitions in the next section):

Current system roles and access rights

Here are the currently provided roles and their access rights:

Manager: a user with Manager role has full administration rights and access to all pages and functions (create, edit, delete) for all entity types (users, properties, bookings etc).

Booking Agent:  a user with Booking Agent role has access to functions related to booking management, so essentially the booking and reservation feed (currently on the dashboard), the Pipeline and the Stacked Calendar showing all bookings across properties.

Property Sales Manager: a user with Property Sales Manager role has access to functions related to creation of owner accounts and creation of properties (owner creation screen, property creation or property import screens, calendar import and synchronization functions).

Associate: a user with Associate role has essentially access to property, booking and calendaring functions in view mode only (no edit or delete). The calendar can be accessed through the Publishing Tools section, via the Share Calendar feature.

Note that Hostfully also provides access to the system to other "account types", such as Service Providers (cleaners, greeters, maintenance crew), property owner or third party (external) sales agents. For Service Providers, see the article on "Creating accounts for your Service Providers". For property owners, see multiple articles on the topic. 

In a next phase of development on access control, we will be providing users with the ability to create custom roles and assign each role to a particular set of pages and functions on the system. 

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