When creating your guidebook, it can sometimes be useful to create a link from one card or section of the guidebook to another.  This works fine, but gets rather complicated when you're managing multiple guidebooks and the card that you're linking to (or from) is on multiple guidebooks, as a link directly to a card also brings the viewer to that card on a particular guidebook.

There must be a better way!

We now have a feature in the rich text editor (hereafter referred to as the WYSIWYG, for what-you-see-is-what-you-get) that will let you make better links from one card to another without worrying about which guidebook the user happens to be viewing at the time.

To use this,  first create the text that you would like your link to show and highlight it (or highlight some existing text that you would like to make into a link):

Then click the new icon for "Dynamic Guidebook Link" 

A popup will appear asking for a guidebook link.  Here you can paste the destination link - it will be verified to make sure it is actually a full guidebook link.
IMPORTANT - use the link from the guest view of the guidebook!
The type of URL we're expecting here will be something like one of these:

A recommendation tab:
A specific recommendation:
The arrival section:
A specific arrival item:

Paste the link and click "OK"

the result will appear as a "shortcode"  in your rich text area and will not look like a link right away.

Once you save the card and add it to your guidebooks, however,  when the guest views it, this shortcode will be automatically transformed to point to the proper place on the guidebook being viewed, and will show up as a normal link to the guest

The trick is,  this card can be on multiple guidebooks and the links the guests will see will always point to that card on the guidebook they are viewing.

A few things worth noting:

  • The card or section being linked to needs to exist on any guidebook where the card being linked FROM is assigned.
    IE if you're linking to a particular recommendation from a house manual card,  both that recommendation and house manual card need to be assigned to all guidebooks where you want this link to work

  • Links to Arrival, House Manual, or Departure cards will not work if a guest is viewing the recommendations-only version of guidebook.   the link will appear but will be rendered with a "not-allowed" cursor and title text.

  • Links to cards that are not assigned to the current guidebook will try to find the relevant section to link to at least.   a link to a recommendation that is not on the guidebook being viewed will try to show the appropriate recommendation category,  etc.

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