There are two ways to enhance your guidebooks with videos or Matterport Tours. 

The most common and most obvious way is to use the video template for house manual cards, this will allow you to add a video both to the content of the house manual card, as well as to the face of the card when it is being shown in list mode.  This method supports both YouTube videos and Vimeo videos, though we encourage the use of YouTube as it tends to work better on Hostfully.

To do so follow these steps:

1) create a new house manual card or edit an existing one.

2) choose the "Video" template when choosing a template for your card 

3)  Copy the video EMBED link (not the basic video link) and paste it in the field labeled "Video embed code".  You can find this link by clicking "Share" and then finding the "Embed" section. For Matterport it's just the share link.

4) Fill in any other required fields and save your house manual card.

Second method (less common):

The second method of adding a video or matterport tour to your guidebook is to just paste the video link in any of the rich-text fields on any card.   This will allow you to include a video in almost any card, including arrival and departure cards and recommendations.  

Contrary to the instructions above for house manual cards, for this case, you just use the direct link to the video as seen in the address bar when you're watching it, and you don't use the embed code or anything.  just paste the link into the rich text field where you want the video to go, and we'll automatically create the embed code properly when displaying the card to the guest. 

The link will look something like   or  or or or

The full embed code with <embed> or <iframe> will NOT work, just get the link part from within that code.  

IMPORTANT:  sometimes pasting in a link will automatically make it into a live hyperlink (the text of the link will be blue and have an underline... it'll look like a real link).  If this happens,  highlight it and click the little chain icon to un-link the link.  

Here's an example using a directions card. 


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