is a listing site that grew by catering to hotels and other multi-unit rental properties. Hostfully initially provided an integration that supported single-unit properties (villas, houses, apartments etc), and now also supports hotels and multi-unit properties. 

The following steps outline the setup process:

Step 1: Set up parent-child relationships on Hostfully

Defining the relationship between booking entities is the first step. We covered the step in this article "Managing calendars for a house and its sub-units", so please review this first. The one difference in this case is that you'll have to set up the parent unit as a non-bookable entity (as in most cases, a whole hotel is not an entity which can be booked):

Once you units are set up with the parent-children relationship, they will show the following way on your channel page.  To get started, just toggle the on/off button for this hotel (or rental entity with a parent-children scheme):

Step 2: Enable the synchronization with

Pre-requisite: enable Hostfully as your Channel Manager. Please see the following article on getting this set up.

Once you enable the hotel sync on the page, you'll see the pop-up window below. Enter the Hotel ID provided by for your hotel, and click Connect:

Step 3: Mapping each sub-unit

The Hotel entity is mapped, now it's necessary to map each of the sub-units. This is what the units should look like on :

On Hostfully, just start toggling each sub-unit to ON:

Clicking the toggle will open the following pop-up window, where you will have to select the corresponding sub-unit ID on, and click Connect to activate the mapping:

From that point on, your sub-units will be synchronized with's units and your calendar/prices/property data will automatically synchronize.

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