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If you happen to have gathered a lot of great reviews from direct bookings, Vrbo now provides the opportunity to leverage your reviews on their sites.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot add reviews manually and push them to Vrbo. They have to be left on your Hostfully site by the guest after a direct booking. This is a requirement from Vrbo.

When you're ready to get your review up on Vrbo (all their affiliate sites), head to the Vrbo management page and toggle ON the "Synchronize Reviews" button, as below:

Once turned on, your reviews will be synchronized to the Vrbo sites (their review crawler visits a couple of times a day and synchronizes new reviews), and will shortly be displayed on your listing pages, as below: 

Note that the review will show the title, rating, date submitted, the stay date and will list your property management company as the source of the review.

Also by design, the reviews from Direct Bookings, once synchronized with Vrbo as above, can't be removed from Vrbo.

While your guest reviews are synced from Direct Booking Site to Vrbo, it works the other way around with Airbnb. Airbnb reviews will be automatically synced to Hostfully Direct Booking Site upon property import or synchronization. You will see "Airbnb User" as the title:

See also the article on Capturing and Managing Reviews for more details about the topic.

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