Putting your House Manual and Recommendation cards in the order you wish is easy.  All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Log into your host dashboard at https://v2.hostfully.com/host

  • Click on Guidebooks in the navigation menu

  • Select the guidebook you wish to edit the order for (this also applies to templates, but becomes more complicated -- see below)

  • On the edit page of the guidebook, scroll down to section 3 "Create and assign information and recommendation cards"

  • If you wish to re-order House Manual cards follow the next steps in that section, likewise if you wish to re-order Recommendation cards, do the same in that section.

  • Each section has two tabs:  one labelled "Select/Edit" and one labelled "Sort". For the section you wish to re-order, choose the "Sort" tab.

  • With that tab open, you can now drag and drop the individual cards up and down into whatever order you desire.

  • When you're done Save your guidebook!

A few things worth noting that may add some complications.

Recommendations will appear in pages with only other recommendations of the same category.  The exception to this is the "All" tab, where they will appear all together, which is why they all appear at once in this Sort tab.

If you're a Prime user or above and are using templates, you can put all of your shared cards in the template and then you can change the order of them in the template instead of individual guidebooks.  Any cards that you have directly assigned to the guidebook will appear BEFORE the cards assigned to the guidebook via a template.

Hope this helps! 

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