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As you've learned from the article on managing turnover jobs within Hostfully, our platform can be a great way to manage turnover and schedule jobs that need to be performed between every booking. Part of this equation is to bring your own service providers into this flow and the platform also allows you to easily create accounts for them on the system.

Now, the natural next step is to automate that flow and get all those jobs automatically scheduled, and service providers automatically notified when a new booking comes into the system. Here are the steps to get started:

Step 1: Automate job creation via Triggers

The obvious place to automate the creation of jobs is to use Triggers (menu Template & Triggers > Triggers tab). Select the event "Booking Confirmed", then select "Create a job" as the action to trigger. You'll also need to select the properties, the service to be attached to the job, and the Timing of the job, which can be one of the following options:

  • At check-in, 

  • At check-out,

  • At check-in and check-out:

At this stage, every new booking will trigger the creation of jobs, which will automatically display on your calendar as a blue circle:

Step 2: Create the job notifications for service providers

Now that the jobs will auto-create, we can actually attach messages to this new type of system event (New Job Created) we're triggering. The point is to automatically notify your service providers when a new job is created for them.

So head to the Custom Template editor and create a new message. The best option here is to copy the System Template called "Notification for new Job" and paste it into your new custom template, as follows:

As you can see, this template contains the message and variables describing a particular job time and location, and provides an option to accept the job. Save this template, as we're going to create a trigger for it.

Note: remember to double-check the hyperlink of "Click here to mark the job as accepted". Make sure the hyperlink is only the variable [$JOB_MARK_AS_SCHEDULED_URL$] as it will automatically populate a complete URL for your service providers to accept the job. If it has an extra prefix like[$JOB_MARK_AS_SCHEDULED_URL$], in the message your service providers receive, it will be a bad link thus they can't accept the job.

Step 3: Create a trigger for this new template

We now need to tell the system to automatically send a notification for the selected service provider when a new job is created for them (this is effectively called "chaining events"). So head back to Triggers creation again, click on Add Trigger, select "Job Created" as the triggering event, select the "Send Email" action (or SMS if you want to send an SMS), select the template we just created above, and click Save:

Step 4: see the magic happen

Now that everything is set up, every new booking for the properties you selected will automatically create a job and send the notifications you created for these jobs. Here's an example of an email that will be received by your service provider from the template we created above:  

The link embedded in the green button will allow your provider to accept the job, and this will automatically reflect as accepted on your calendar.

Cancelling jobs:

If a reservation is cancelled, the associated job(s) will be cancelled automatically and an email will be sent to the service provider to notify them.

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