Hostfully's Property Management Platform (PMP) provides functionality to easily manage customer relationships. This part of the platform will certainly evolve in the coming months but the system already covers the essential function of profile and booking history search, communication and tagging of users for categorization.  

1. Using the Hostfully CRM

In order to view the CRM, just head to the page will show you all guest and prospects, with the ability to quickly search for particular users by name, email or tags:

2. Tagging and annotating customer profiles

When clicking on a guest profile, the client page will allow you to retrieve your customer's booking history (bottom of the page), annotate the customer profile and create tags for easy retrieval and categorization. Note that a convenient "Rebook this guest" will also provide a 1-click rebooking function right from this page:

3. Emailing a customer

You can email a customer right from the list page, by simply clicking on the little email enveloppe. The editor will come up and you can then edit your message. Note that you also have the option to CC your company's email address:

4. Integration with Mailchimp

The platform provides an integration with the marketing automation service Mailchimp, allowing you to automatically build customer lists and manage marketing campaigns. See this article for more information about this integration.

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