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Hostfully features a simple listing channel where property managers can send their guests make reservation for their rentals, and benefit from commission-free booking revenue. Hostfully does not charge commission on direct bookings. This article will show you how to activate this channel and set up the booking flow that works for you, based on your business preferences.

Step 1: activating the channel

The first simple step consists in enabling the channel: head to the Channels page and toggle on the Hostfully channel (red arrow below). Once the channel active, a Manage this Channel link will appear (green arrow below), click on it to get the the Hostfully channel management page:

Step 2: toggling ON the properties to list

Once on the Hostfully channel management page, just toggle on the properties you want to show on the channel. You can use the Activate All toggle to activate all properties at once:

Once enabled, the properties will show on your public company page, and will be searchable by guests:

To access your agency public page, go to Agency Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and copy the link:

See this article on how to white label these pages using your custom branding. Each property will have its own individual page and allow guest to book or send booking inquiries:

Hostfully listing pages feature:

  • an availability calendar
  • a inquiry/booking form
  • full descriptions of the property, including photos and list of amenities
  • local recommendations from the host / property manager
  • a Google Map of the property area + recommendation
  • if Matterport is enabled, the page will show the Matterport 3D Walkthrough (see screenshot above)
  • a list of curated guest reviews

Step 3: choosing between instant booking or booking inquiries

By default, the Hostfully channel features a booking widget that will allow guest to request a quote (they send an inquiry with their dates, you respond with a quote, then they book).

The system allows you to set each property to be accessible via Instant Booking, so that guests can directly book from the listing page, without even having to request a quote. In order to set a property for Instant Booking, simple go to that property's Main Settings page, and toggle ON the Instant Booking button. You have three Booking Request options to choose from. To learn more, see the article on Booking Requests.

Note that in order to do so, you need to have enabled a payment processor on the platform (for example, Stripe). Once active for Instant Booking, the booking widget will automatically switch to Instant Booking mode:

After clicking Book Now, guest will be taken to a secured payment page, and will be able to book your rental.

Step 4: bring guest traffic by enabling meta search channels

Hostfully provides an integration with several metasearch engines. These sites connect to the Hostfully API, get your listing data and syndicate it on their meta search engine. When a guest on their site clicks on your listing, they will be send to the Hostfully listing page, where they can then book your rental. For more information about these channels and how they interact with Hostfully, please see this article.

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