With all the technology available to help improving the rental process, it is easy to forget that the number one thing that drives the whole industry is hospitality. And ensuring that your future guests will have the best possible experience is not related to your having the latest new cool communication tool but rather knowing who your guests really are and how to welcome them to the best of your ability.

To this effect, the Hostfully Platform provides a fairly sophisticated system to gather the data you need to prepare your guests' stay. This comes in the shape of a "pre-arrival form" that you main guest can fill out on behalf of their party. The idea is to gather the follow data:

  • name, email address of each guest (and potentially their age)

  • a contact phone number

  • a valid government-approved identification document

  • information about the guest trip: anticipated arrival/departure times (in comparison to standard checkin/out times), reason for trip, flight number etc

If not edited by PMs, or submitted via Pre-Arrival form by guests, the above 2 times fields will show default checkin/out times of the property.

If edited by PMs, submitted via Pre-Arrival form by guests, the above 2 times fields will show arrival/departure times the guests actually show up and leave the property.

Note: the fields with the red asterisk (*) are required for guests to fill in. Others are optional.

Here's an example of this form:

There are 2 ways to request that your guests fill out the "Pre-Arrival Form".

Option 1

Set up the pre-arrival form to be shown after a guest provides their payment on Hostfully (this can be for all channels where Hostfully is used as the payment processor). Simply set this from the Agency Settings page, checking the box called "Capture guests information after payment".

Option 2

This option takes a little more time, but allows you to have guests fill out the form regardless of the channel they booked from. This is done by creating a custom template and an associated trigger that you can attach to a booking event. Here are the steps to get this set up:

Step 1: create a custom template

See this article on custom templates. Create a template like this one:

As you see above, the key here is to create a dynamic link that the guest will click to get to the form. The [$ORDER_ID$] is the variable needed to get the right link, like

Step 2: create a custom trigger

Then, simply create a trigger that will fire on a Booking Confirmed event. I would suggest to apply it to channels that are not already covered by the payment processing flow (option 1 above), like Airbnb or TripAdvisor. Select the Guest as the recipient, and select the custom templates we created above:

With the mix of both options, you're covered and you should be getting this valuable data for every one of your bookings.

Finding the guest information

The system will send an email whenever pre-arrival forms are filled out by guests. The data provided by your guests will typically be shown on the Edit Lead window, under the Stay Details tab:

Uploaded documents that guests provided, can be retrieved under the Stay Details tab too, specifically under the "Identification Documents URL":

Customizing your pre-arrival form

The system allows for customization of the pre-arrival form. Please see this article for more details.

Exporting Pre-Arrival Form information:

Once you've collected information from your guests, you may want to export it. To do so, please select "Reports" from your drop-down menu. Then select the "Logistics Report" tab, and select a time-frame for your report. Once it ran you can export it in the format of your choice:

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