As discussed in this article, Guidebook Platform subscribers can use a Theme card to add a Splash Screen to their guidebooks.

This Splash Screen allows you to collect information from your guests before allowing them to view your guidebook.

Until now, the only data that could be collected was name and email.

The "First Name", and "Last Name" fields will still be there as always and will always be required fields.  The email field can be configured to be on or off, and it can be made to be required or not as you wish. 

We've now also added the ability to create custom fields and add them to this form so you can collect whatever information you need from your guests.

If you create and/or edit a Theme, you'll notice a new section in the form where the existing Splash Screen configuration options already were labelled "Custom Fields" and a new button that says "Add a Field".

Clicking this button will bring up a small dialog letting you name the new field and check whether or not it should be required for guests to gain access to the guidebook.

click "save" when done, and repeat as necessary if you want multiple extra fields.

Once you've added your custom field you will see them listed in a table like this:

The controls on the right of this table allow you to change the order of these fields (all custom fields will always come AFTER the default name and email fields), edit the individual fields, or remove them.

When done editing these custom fields, don't forget to save the theme card itself, or you will lose all your changes!

If you are supporting multiple languages, make sure to check these languages at the top of the theme.

With multiple languages checked, you will see some additional things when adding or editing custom fields: 

Click the "Edit translations" button to show an additional field for each language you have selected:

Fill these in with the appropriate translations,  then click Save, and also remember to save the theme!

On the final page of the splash screen, your guests will now see these new custom fields!

Once you've collected data from any guests,  these fields will also show up in your guest terms approval data report.  (Click reports - guest terms)  in the left navigation.


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