The continuous task of returning deposits is a touchy process, as guests often expect to get their money back in a timely manner. So having the ability to track this task from within the platform is key.

For users processing their platform payments on Hostfully through Stripe, the platform allows for security deposit refunds to be performed directly from the orders page, as follows:

Processing the refund

  • 1. You'll have to select a transaction from which you need to process the refund, and click on "Issue a refund"
  • 2. Enter the amount of the refund to process. Note that the amount can not be larger than the amount of this transaction you process the refund from. So if you have multiple transactions for this booking, make sure to select a transaction which was larger than the amount of the refund to provide.
  • 3. As below, a new line will show in the transactions list for the refund, and it will be explicitly flagged as a transaction of type "Refund": 

Double-checking that the refund was processed on Stripe

Initially when starting to use refunds, you can double-check that your refunds were properly processed by checking your Stripe account. Just find the initial booking payment on the Stripe interface, and it will mention the partial (or full) refund and the amount:  

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