Note: Due to recent Airbnb's update on email policy, the integration will not be working instantly with Airbnb for the time being, and extra steps need setting up. Please refer to the last section of this help article for more details.

For companies that want more e-signature horsepower and want to go beyond the Hostfully Digital Signature tool,  Hostfully provides an integration with Hellosign, the leader in electronic signature documents.

This integration will allow property managers to request from guests that they electronically sign their rental agreement. Note that the system can request for e-signatures to be provided regardless of the source of the booking. So even when bookings come from channels such as Airbnb, VRBO, or, Hostfully can request that rental agreements be e-signed by guests.

Here's a simple representation of the signature flow:

Step 1:  create a rental agreement on Hostfully

In Agency Settings > Rental Conditions, make sure to set your rental agreement. This is the agreement that will be digitally signed by your guests.

Note that if you have a different rental agreement per property, you can also set the rental agreement at the property level.

  • If no edit is made on the property level, the agency-level one is the default.

  • If an edit is made on the property level, the property-level one is now the default.

Property-level setting for rental conditions

Step 2: activating the integration

Note: this will require that you initially subscribe to Hellosign with an account providing API access.

On the Hostfully platform, from the Integrations page:

  • 1- Activate the Hellosign integration

  • 2- Enter the API key provided with your Hellosign account

How do digital signatures get collected?

Whenever guest books from a channel that is connected to the platform, Hostfully will have Hellosign send the guest a request for a rental agreement e-signature. Here's the type of email received by the guest:

The guest will click on Review and Sign, will e-sign your rental agreement, and will receive a confirmation email: 

Key reservation data dynamically added to the agreement

The agreement being e-signed by the guest through HelloSign will have all information about the guest and the reservation being automatically added to the document. See an example below:


Who receives the signed documents?

The signed rental agreement is received by email by both the Property Manager and the Guest. They will include the guest's signature, the guest's name and the signature date. The document is automatically is sent as an attached PDF document.

Here's an example of the format of a signed PDF rental agreement:

Where to find signed documents?

Signed rental agreements can be found on the Edit Lead window for the booking corresponding to this rental agreement. Under the Data tab, you will find a field called "Rental Agreement URL", where you will find the URL of the signed agreement on the Hellosign website:

Extra set-ups for Airbnb reservations.

The integration with HelloSign requires an email associated with the lead in order to send the agreement over for e-sign. However, Airbnb no longer provides guests' emails, and as a result, we need an extra step to get that.

1. Set up template/trigger to send the pre-arrival form to Airbnb guests upon new booking to collect guest email.

a. Set up Custom Template

You can copy the content from the System Template called "Pre-Arrival form" over.

Once copied to the new Custom Template, make sure the below link is correct:

b. Set up Trigger as below

2. When a new Airbnb reservation comes, guests will receive the above trigger/template via Airbnb message in order to fill in their details before their stay.

After that, guests' emails will be automatically updated on to the lead's detail on Hostfully PMP. Also, you will notice the small badge "Pre-Arrival Form Completed" on guest's detail on Pipeline:

3. Now, you can let Hostfully Customer Support know (via email to or pop-up chat on the page's bottom) to process these for you from the back-end. Guests will receive the agreement via their input emails to e-sign.

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