NOTE: This is for customers using the Stripe and/or PayPal payment processors. (both can be ON on agency level, but only one of them can be ON for a property)

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For all bookings coming directly through Hostfully (whether they are through the booking widget, the Hostfully listing website or your own website if you use the widget or booking APIs), the Hostfully Platform supports 3 types of booking processes:

  • booking inquiries (the guest sends an inquiry, you return a quote, and they can book)

  • instant booking: the guest finds available dates and properties, and can directly book for the open dates (their payment is processed right away)

  •  booking requests: the guest finds available dates and properties, they provide their payment information. You (property manager) get this as an  inquiry, and can decide to accept / decline the request. If you accept the request, the payment is processed directly without further intervention from the guest. This is the flow described here in this article

Here is how the booking request flow is represented on the Hostfully Platform interface:

  •  the guest provides their booking and payment information

  • the dashboard shows you booking request, with ability to "review"

  • from the Inbox, you can engage in a conversation with the guest, or accept / decline the request

Setting up the Booking Request mode

On each of the Property Settings page, you can set the Booking Request mode, as follows:

Once the Booking Request mode is set, the Hostfully booking widget will show a Book Now button, instead of a Get A Quote button. Note that messages provided by the guests will show on your Inbox, as a new message:

During the booking process, the guest will be informed that the Property Management Company has 24 hours to accept or deny the request:

Each screen will remind the guest of that the booking is not final, and subject to acceptance from the Property Management Company:

Once the Booking Request shows on your dashboard, click on the Review button:

In the Inbox, you can engage in a conversation with the guest, or Accept / Decline the booking request. If you decide to accept the Booking Request, the payment will be processed:

Note that Booking Requests are represented by a "Pending" status on the Pipeline, as below:

Once the payment is processed, the booking will show the regular Booked status.

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